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Injury can happen at any moment. From the slight to severe, such problems can strike anyone whether on the road, at the job, or on the street. Regardless of where the injury was faced, if it was due to others' negligence or recklessness, only the best in medical and legal assistance can assure a quicker and full recovery. Don't let this time of difficulty get you down. There are people that can help and make sure that you are taken care of.

When facing such an injury there are many things on your mind-- likely more than you can deal with during this period. Whether you are facing insurance companies, medical billing, the party or parties responsible for your injury, or many other factors, you shouldn't have to do it alone. Finding someone that is able to assist you with expertise is vital and can be found below with a series of helpful links.

 Government Resources

Centers for Disease Control  can offer much information for you-- including injury and illness statistics

 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute.  Find out information about specific vehicles and their safety ratings. Look up various statistics about road safety with

 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration The NHTSA has information about the state of America's highways and vehicles, including statistics. Look up different recall notices and see how your safety could be affected.

National Safety Council  A must read for any working person. The NSC offers information about working conditions and trends in workplace safety.

 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC allows you to take a look at various products to see whether they are safe enough for household use, including recall and safety notices.

Ohio Car Accident Statistics From the Ohio Department of Public Safety we can look up how many accidents there were in certain areas, including injury and fatality statistics.

Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Features labor data, surveys, publications and more.

Division of Quality Assurance 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Links to National Practitioner Data Bank and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety / Highway Loss Data Institute 
Features vehicle ratings, safety facts, publications and more.

Injuries Features articles on accident prevention and safety.

National Patient Safety Foundation 
Features patient safety literature.

National Safety Council 
Features home, environment and workplace safety resources.

NHTSA Recall Links From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 
Features information on recalls for cars, child safety seats, school buses and more.

OSHA Ergonomics Standard 
Features the ergonomics standard proposal, ergonomics FAQs and more.

U.S. Consumer Gateway Health 
Features resources on health care, diseases, drugs, insurance and more.

Personal Injury Settlement Guide


As seen from the Public Safety figures immediately above, Ohio remains a place where very real injuries and fatalities happen. In 2013 alone, there were 990 deaths on Ohio's roads and 69,105 injuries. The thousands of crashes per year are a constant reminder that a myriad of factors, from faulty parts, to sleepy driving, to aggressive habits can cause injury. Even research done by Ohio State University shows that there is a chance of back injuries at work from not having enough breaks.

 Legal Assistance

When facing such issues at your workplace, at your apartment, or on the road, this situation may seem overwhelming. If this is the situation, then only the best in legal representation will suffice. Anthony Castelli and his years of legal expertise is a perfect fit. His testimonials are second to none as hundreds of clients were impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. The hundreds of court victories for injury victims worth millions of dollars speak for themselves. Let this highly rated attorney take a stand for you. If you have been seriously injured you have far too many things to deal with. Let a professional deal with it on your behalf and win for you.


Contact Anthony any time of day for more information. Call his office at 513.621.2345 for more information and a free, no-pressure consultation. 

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