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November 30, 2014
An Answer to the Question How to find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer Law Firm   It can be a difficult task to find the best personal injury lawyer for Read More
November 14, 2014
Self driving cars are the new rage. Read any magazine or newspaper and you'll see at least one article touting the potential future of self driving Read More
October 21, 2014
This past Sunday I attended the 11th annual Cincinnati Out of Darkness Community Walk. It was put on by the American Foundation For Suicide Read More
August 10, 2014
As I personal injury lawyer I have handled many dog bit injuries. All dogs can be dangerous, but Pit bulls are more likely to maim or kill than most Read More
June 20, 2014
Many personal injury victims are scared to contact a bodily harm claim insurance settlement lawyer . One of the big reasons is that they are afraid Read More
June 4, 2014
Recently I lectured at a seminar put on by the National Business Institute called “Advanced Issues in Personal Injury Litigation.”  The title I Read More
May 10, 2014
The Ohio Motorcycle Freedom Ride in honor of military veterans is staging its 5th annual ride this Saturday May, 17, 2014.  This ride is associated Read More
April 11, 2014
  Look Twice The Cincinnati motorcycle community put on it's first event ride of the 2014 season this past Saturday.  It was called Look Twice Read More
February 13, 2014
Law Firm of Anthony Castelli As a personal injury lawyer with over 32 years experience I thought you would like to see some short and to Read More
December 20, 2013
My grandfather was an immigrant tailor from Italy. This country was built by immigrants. The most discussed immigrants of today are of Latino or Read More