DePuy Hip Implant Get Help Now

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

 Depuy hip implants are being recaled because they are defective.


1. Contact your doctor immediately so you can can medical care

2 SEEK  the help of a lawyer familiar with the Depuy Hip Implant Recall

Here is a video of hip replacemnt surgery. Unfortunately many depuy hip implants are failing at an unprecedented rate.

Patients implanted with the defective medical devices have complained of many problems from pain, swelling, difficulty walking, and flu like symptoms.  Revision surgeries have shownmetallosis, a condition caused by the metal ions from the excessive wear of the devices which kills the soft tissue in the affected area.  Patients have also been found to haveexcessive levels of chromium and cobalt in their .  The impact of this toxicity is not yet fully understood, but is being studied.  Another tragic consequence of these early failures is that with each revision surgery, the useful life of these devices goes down. Thus, many of the relatively young people that DePuy marketed this device to may find themself needing another revision in there late fifties or sixties, but not being eligible for one.

These video speaks directly to the Depuy Hip implant This discussion talks about the metal on metal articulation of the Depuy hip implant and the problems its causing

Not only is the breakdown off the implant a problem but also metallic particles being released into the blood.

Depuy wants you to contact them but this may be a mistake to do so. After all what is their motive? Is it to help you or cut their losses.

Don't Delay Statue of Limitation in Ohio can affect your rights to bring a claim.

by Cincinnati injury lawyer  Anthony Castelli 1-800-447-6549