Four Costly Misconceptions About Lawyers

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Four Costly Misconceptions About Lawyers

MISCONCEPTION #1: Every attorney has about the same amount of experience and training.
The truth of the matter is that experience and training differs greatly from attorney to attorney. Some attorneys may have years of experience drafting wills, or shuffling papers during real estate transactions. Why would you want a lawyer representing you in your personal injury claim when they might not know the ins and outs of personal injury law?

MISCONCEPTION #2: If a lawyer is on TV, they must be good.
Just because a lawyer appears in TV commercials, this doesn’t qualify them to handle personal injury cases. Please don’t be fooled by those slick TV commercials that are prepared professionally by multi-million dollar companies. If a lawyer doesn’t have the “right” tools or experience that’s needed in today’s jungle-like environment, do not retain their services.

MISCONCEPTION #3: All lawyers are skilled in the art of negotiating bodily injury claims.
If you’ve ever dealt with a big corporation, you know they play hard ball. They don’t mess around when it comes to losing money. You need a lawyer who knows how to deal from a position of strength. You need a lawyer who is willing to prepare every case as if it’s going to trial and has taken injury cases to jury trials.
The truth of the matter is, most personal injury cases settle without a trial. But do they settle fairly or cheaply? If a lawyer is not willing to go to trial, don’t you think the insurance companies know this?

MISCONCEPTION #4: All lawyers are personally involved in the cases they handle.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some lawyers have so many cases they have limited time to devote to each case. Just try to get one of those busy lawyers to return your phone call, let alone a quick call from his legal assistant.
The bottom line here is, no matter how big or small your case, it’s important to you! You need to have a lawyer on your side that is 100% committed to providing quality, personal service and detailed attention to all of his clients.

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