West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Since 1981, I've worked extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients.

Feedback from clients and other lawyers truly means the world to us.  We invite you to carefully review our client, attorney and business associates testimonials.  I believe that reading and listening to the thoughts and words of people that actually know me is a great way for you to get to know who I am.  Although these words are about me, my focus is on you and serving your needs.

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Katrina Tritt

Everything you could wish for in a personable, efficient attorney who sincerely cares about his clients and goes the extra mile. He is honest, respectable and straightforward. He was recommended to me by many satisfied clients.

- Katrina Tritt

Karen Strong

The care and support you gave us was beyond anything we could have imagined. You found so much. you worked so diligently. Evertime you learned something new you called me.I did not feel like I was talking to an attorney I felt like I was talking to a friend. And that's what really helped us go through things. You've become a good friend and family member to all of us.

- Karen Strong

Myself and my wife were injured in a serious car/truck collision. The trucking company disputed responsibility because they had a witness who claimed we were speeding as the truck turned right into our path. Tony thoroughly investigated our case and proved that the witness could not have determined that we were speeding as his vision would have been blocked by a pillar. He also found a witness that supported our case.

We went through arbitration and were totally prepared by Tony to know what to expect every step of the way. His preparation and presentation was of the highest caliber.

We got a very good verdict from the arbitration panel and because Tony was so convincing, the trucking company did not ask for a jury trial, but paid the award in full.

- Chuck and Judy Cuffaro

Igor Pustovit

I thank Anthony D. Castelli very much from my entire family for the service that he has done for me in representing me as his client in my personal injury case in auto accident. I was on the business trip in Cincinnati, OH when it happened. I live in Washington State, so all the work and communication was done by phone, email and regular mail. Not once I had a doubt or felt uncertain about Anthony D. Castelli handling the case. 

I appreciate all the work that he did. Anthony always kept in touch with me, keeping me up to date in all the processes. I truly appreciate his professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with my case. I am pleased that I have chosen Anthony D. Castelli as my attorney. Anthony made me feel cared for when I put my trust in him. The resulting settlement was more than I was hoping for. I strongly recommend Anthony D. Castelli. 

I wish you success in all your work, Anthony. Thank you for being there for me.

- Igor Pustovit

My family and I experienced a terrible trauma when my husband died as a result of a ski lift incident. Because the laws are written to protect the ski resorts, no one wanted to take the case. Mr. Castelli was brave enough to take it. He felt that "something was just not right!" He was diligent in gathering evidence. Because of his hard work, we prevailed. The jury found the ski resort negligent. This result will not bring back our "husband, father, grandfather" or ease the pain of his loss. After 4½ years, we still feel the pain, but a significant settlement can ease our burden and make the ski resort responsible for negligence. It made them take notice of how serious we were to prove it wasn't the victim's fault.

- S.K.

Randy Smith

I would just like to say my experience with Anthony Castelli was absolutely, positively, the best! I was injured in a motorcycle accident and didn't want to have to go through all of the hassle you have to do with insurance companies. I would highly recommend Anthony Castelli to be your lawyer. He answered and helped me through an awful time and I am very grateful! Thank you Again!

- Randy Smith

Your office has been nothing but good to us! From our very first phone call to the very end, you were there to listen. You have been a fantastic attorney. We were undoubtedly going to lose everything we had because of the accident, but you made sure we were taken care of!! We are no longer worried about losing our home, and it's because of you! My family is back on track! Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything you did for us. I know you will be a blessing to a lot more people!

- With love, Morris and Jennifer Smith

Steve Mages

 I was kind of lost after I got hurt. I did not know what to do. He took over and helped me out a lot. With the compensation I got I was really happy. If you have a personal injury to definitely want to see Tony Castelli.

- Steve Mages

Gary Strayhorn

He's like family to me. I'd recommend him to anyone.

- Gary Strayhorn

Lisa Eccles

He was in constant contact with me and my father regardless whether it was day or night. He always had time to pick up the phone and call us. Tony provided excellent service I new I couldn't fight with the insurance and that's why I turned it over to Tony.

- Lisa Eccles

Jim Vermicelli

Tony is definitely someone you want on your side. He as genuine as they come...and I don't say that about many attorneys.

- Jim Vermicelli

Kraig Haplea

As a videographer I have worked with Tony on multiple personal injury and wrongful death cases. Has has used video as evidence to show how a tripping defect that caused a severe ankle fracture was not visible at night. He has used my video services to portray a families' terrible pain due to the loss of a son. He is genuinely concerned about his clients and wants the insurance company to see the emotional toll his client's deal with. He connects with his clients on a personal level and treats them with genuine compassion…

- Kraig Haplea

Bodhi Halsey

Tony's a Good Dude, Give him a call....

- Bodhi Halsey

Tina Huddleston Maples

Tony is a very knowledgeable attorney who treats his clients with respect! He has gotten me numerous awards in Workers Comp and won my Social Security Disability claim as well!!

- Tina Huddleston Maples

Trula Treat

Got me a great result!

- Trula Treat

Jodi Barkley

Tony really looks out for your best interest. I would for sure recommend his services.

- Jodi Barkley

David Slepkow

Anthony is a great Personal Injury Lawyer who always puts his clients first! He fights to get his clients the settlement they deserve!

- David Slepkow

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Castelli has the experience to handle all types of personal injury claims. He is well respected in the legal community and appreciated by his clients.

Anthony Castelli is an excellent attorney who is dedicated to defending the rights of Ohio injury victims. Mr. Castelli's dedication, knowledge, and skills result in favorable outcomes for his clients. I endorse Anthony without reservation.