Motorcycle Accidents

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

There is nothing more exhilarating than being on the open road on a motorcycle. Cincinnati, Ohio personal injury attorney, Anthony Castelli has owned and ridden motorcycles. He knows full well both the pleasure and the danger of riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to injury because there is so very little protecting them from the harsh surface of the road and other vehicles. 

Motorcyclists are sometimes stereotyped as ones who do not obey the rules of the road. Actually, statistics show that most motorcycle versus car accidents are the fault of the driver of the car. We know how to effectively address issues such as bias against cyclists. By contacting Anthony Castelli, Accident & Injury Lawyer, you can meet with Mr. Castelli personally so he can hear the details of your case and advise you of how best to proceed.

Why Choose Anthony Castelli

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side. Anthony has that experience of knowing motorcycle cases inside and out.  Anthony will be able to understand you when you explain the details of your case.

If you are concerned about money and feel you cannot afford an attorney of Anthony Castelli’s caliber, he works on a contingency fee, which means his fee is paid when a settlement or verdict is reached. Rest assured he will be the only attorney to handle your case from start to finish. Since he will be the only attorney involved with you,  you won’t be worried about being passed off to some junior lawyer who is not familiar with your case.
If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and have been injured in a motorcycle accident, Ohio motorcycle accident attorney, Anthony Castelli is here to help. Please contact my office today to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation so I can help you. Call me now at 621-2345. I welcome your questions.