Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Lawyer

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Lawyer

MISTAKE #1: CHOOSING A LAWYER BASED ON NUMBERS OF YEARS IN PRACTICE ALONE. No question about it, your lawyer must have “REAL WORLD” experience. Before you choose a lawyer, ask them how many cases they have taken to trial in front of a jury.

MISTAKE #2: CHOOSING A LAWYER ON A SINGLE TELEPHONE CALL. Why not personally interview them before retaining their services? By interviewing the lawyer you can evaluate their knowledge and skill level in handling personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. That way, you become better acquainted with them and their qualifications.

MISTAKE #3: BEING INTIMIDATED SOLELY BY THE FACT THAT THE ATTORNEY HAS A DEGREE AND YOU MIGHT NOT. In the good old days of medicine, patients listened to whatever the doctor said as though it came from on high. In today’s society, every patient asks questions regarding their health. Don’t be intimidated by what any lawyer might say. Instead, ask a lot of questions so you can know what to expect.

MISTAKE #4: CHOOSING A LAWYER WHO ISN’T A MEMBER OF A PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION SUCH AS THE OHIO ACADEMY OF TRIAL LAWYERS. The Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers is a trade association of Ohio Lawyers who are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured people.

MISTAKE #5: CHOOSING A LAWYER WHO IS UNWILLING TO ADVANCE LITIGATION EXPENSES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Face it, litigation can be expensive. You may not be able to afford the expenses of litigation. If you can’t afford expenses and your lawyer won’t advance expenses, then you are pretty much stuck with taking what the insurance company offers. Find out if the lawyer you are thinking about hiring is willing to advance litigation costs.

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