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West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Anthony Castelli Attorney Calls For Justice For Injury Victims




If you have come here because you were harmed by the carelessness of another, my fervent  hope for you is




If you are seeking revenge, retribution, a penny more than what is right and just I can not help you.  But if you have come here for Justice my promise to you is that I will fight with all my heart to get you just compensation in money damages.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Law Talk 1 Negligence

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer law talk will be a blog series on personal injury law of Ohio. I hope to break down some of the statutes and cases that deal with Ohio personal injury accident claims. This is part one in and will focus on an introduction to the law of negligence. That is a term often used int Ohio as do other states have their own definition, which is probably similar to Ohio personal injury law.

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