Pain and Suffering Insurance Settlement Calculator - What is My Injury Worth?

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WARNING: Do Not Settle With The Insurance Adjustor Until You Understand How To Value Your Claim Or You Could Be Victimized Twice By Taking A Lowball Offer



Here’s how to calculate your damages the same way a jury does ...


After a serious accident, you won’t know whether you made a good decision in not hiring a lawyer until it’s too late.


So while you may have seen other Ohio personal injury attorneys use their websites to offer free consultations and make promises, let me immediately help by giving you insight into a critical aspect of your claim – the items of damages a jury may look at to determine your case’s value.


It’s these items you should be trying to prove in your claim’s pre-suit negotiation.


Keep in mind, how the actual value is determined has many factors. Furthermore, getting that value in a serious claim often requires help from an experienced personal injury trial lawyer because insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible. In fact, Allstate's own documents show how they teach their adjustors to keep you away from a lawyer because in some claims Allstate pays out 3X as much when a victim has a lawyer.


So Click Here To: Download your FREE Settlement Calculator today.


Now, please understand, you may not need legal representation. That’s why, in addition to helping you understand how to value your claim, I give several tips in my FREE Settlement Calculator to help you determine whether you should take an insurance settlement without a lawyer’s help.


I also explain ...


·         How to properly add up your medical bills and determine your future medical costs,


·         Why “future earnings” and “impairment of earning capacity” can have a major effect on the compensation you receive, and


·         What non-economic damages you’re entitled to (this compensation goes beyond the typical pain and suffering that most injury victims consider).


You see, accepting too little money and asking for too much are the two biggest mistakes made by injury victims.


Of course, insurance adjustors complicate matters by encouraging you to avoid hiring a lawyer. I wrote about this in a best selling book I co-authored.When Your Friend Becomes Your Enemy.

In Chapter 13 I detailed how I helped a motor vehicle injury victim put more money in her pocket than she could have by representing herself, and taking the offer Allstate made to her before she got me involved in the case. But I really don't advise waiting. Read some of the bad things can happen to ruin your case if you wait and let your enemy, the insurance company, be your guide.


If you prefer to get together and have me figure out what your claim is worth and fight to get to what you deserve, simply call me now toll free 1-800-447-6549 and we’ll schedule a FREE Claim Evaluation. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.


NOTE: Cost is the primary reason insurance companies don’t want you hiring an attorney. According to Allstate Insurance Company, you could get up to 3 times more money when represented by a personal injury attorney.


Although this isn’t always true, you should read the following document to understand an insurance company’s perspective on paying out claims: Allstate Exhibit Discussion Guide


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When a member of your family is injured the enire family suffers emotionally and financially. This article on Ohio calculation of damages is just the starting point. Every case is as unique as a snow flake. The insurance company's goal is to pay you as little as possible. An experienced personal injury lawyer wants to get you as much as possible as their fee is normally based on a percentage of the recovery. So the more money an attorney gets you the more the attorney gets. Their interests are aligned with yours.  The more you get the less the insurance company has to profit. so their interest is adverse to yours. 


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Many think there is some kind of magic settlement formula. You often hear 3x your medical bills plus your lost wages. But in many cases this does not make any sense. There are numerous factors that go into the evaluation of the compensation the should be awarded to make the injury victim whole

I have reviewed web sites that call themselves expert on the subject. Many just want you to buy their book. Many insurance settlement calculator sites imply you do not need a skilled and experienced personal injury trial lawyer.

Before you settle your case for way too little and become a victim twice download this critical information that could keep you from getting fleeced by big insurance.