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As a Cincinnati Ohio personal injury lawyer I have to calculate a fair value for the harm caused to my clients almost daily. In order to do that I need to know that law on damages. I also must walk in my client's shoes. Even though the law on damages is the same the many factors that go into the mix of a particular case is different.

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You might find it unusual but the best lawyers start preparing a case by looking at  the jury instructions. What will the judge tell the jury about the law on damages. In fact what are the damages that you can claim in Ohio.

Once you know the damages recoverable you can work backwards to see where those damages come in the case naturally and where they need to be buttressed by good solid medical opinion. There may be many other  experts such as economists, vocational specialists, psychologists, physical therapists, lay medical experts that need to write opinion letters and be ready to testify. It's stong preparation that lets an insurance company know that you are ready to stand tall with your head held high and request with a firm lip what you deserve.


  "Walk softly and carry a big stick you shall go far" as Teddy Roosevelt said. 

With this video below I offer you my version of the Ohio personal injury settlement calculator. A free download. How a jury would determine what your damages are worth. Or at least what the judge may tell them they are required to consider if there is proof.  The video speaks about what must be undertaken to convey those damages. In a small case you may convey those yourself. In fact I limit my practice to serious injuries. Those where I believe I can make a difference by hopefully putting more money in your pocket than you could do by yourself.

I promise that if you give the information necessary to download the calculator you will only get one email from me. It will ask , "Can I answer any questions for you at no cost."

Injury Settlement Calculator


So please remember that this is just the start. Knowing what damages are recoverable does not mean that you know how much is fair . Nor does it mean that the insurance company is going to help you take food out of their mouths even though  someone took food out of your mouth by carelessly changing you life. . Maybe forever. So you deserve a fair shake . You deserve to be made whole. You deserve to recover physically as well as financially.


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