4 Deadly Sins That Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Accident Claim

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

There are many critical decisions and actions that can affect whether you get full compensation for your personal/bodily injury claim. The insurance company will not tell you about them until they come to you with a low ball offer.  Here are four critical things you must be aware of.
  1. Do not give a taped statement to any insurance company until you consult with an attorney. For instance a casual comment about speed could wreck your case. You will be asked the speed you were going and if you know the speed limit. Critical errors in your statement could later be held against you.
  2. Stating injuries that are not reflected in your medical records or concealing prior injuries. If your credibility is damaged your case is severely compromised.
  3. Delay in seeking medical treatment. Many folks think they can shake off a minor injury only to find that it worsens into a significant problem. The chances of your injury being attributed to the injury causing event is lessened the greater you delay treatment.
  4. Failure to follow your doctor’s treatment. The insurance company will tell you that you must not have been hurt very much if you don’t follow your doctor’s orders.

If your case is significant the best thing you can do is hire, or at least, consult an attorney experienced in personal injury claims. Without an attorney you have little leverage against big insurance. A good attorney can help you get it right the first time and take the hassle out of fighting a battle you are not armed and prepared for. Contact the Castelli Law Firm for help today at 800.447.6549.