My Child Injury Safety Resource Page

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 Many children suffer injury and death needlessly. When the child injury could have been prevented. Sometimes it's a lack of knowledge on the parents' part. Other times it's because of the fault of another. 

There is nothing more painful for  a parent to deal with than a serious injury to their child let aone a death that could have been prevented . Only in the most unusual case is there something  more that could have been done to protect the child from injury. 

An auto accident injury is a perfect example. You may do everything in your power to protect your child. You may have kept them in an appropriate baby seat until it was time to advance the child to a regular seat with a seatbelt. You may practice driving defensively, but what happens when a car coming the other direction goes left of center and causes a severe car collision and your child gets a head injury, brain trauma or is even caused death. You grieve and a piece of you dies. You seek justice against the wrongdoer. you may go on your own personal crusade. everyone reacts a little different. 

This page is not here to be particularly a legal resource for a child injury lawyer. But more to be a resource to give you some knowledge to prevent injury. 

Here is a child injury safety rss feed that has some great information.

Another great resource to help you protect your child from harm is Safe Kids USA

At Safe Kids USA you will find  a comprehensive collection of information on the most common injury risks for children.There are downloadable checklists, quick tips, and how-to videos that will arm you with information on how to keep your children safe and injury free. I've highlighted here their risk areas : Bicycling, Car Seats, Choking, Suffocating, Water Safety, Falls, Fires, Cars, Pedestrians, Sports and Recreation and Toys. Its amazing the toys, cribs and other items that have been recalled often through the efforts of a scarred family an a child injury lawyer.

Risk Areas

  Bicycling and Skating
  Car Seats, Boosters and Seat Belts
  Choking, Suffocation and Strangulation
  Drowning, Water Safety, Pool Safety
  Fire, Burn and Scalds
  In and Around Cars
  Sports and Recreation
  Kids Water Safety

 I hope these several resources can alert you to a few things that may help you protect your child from injury or even death.