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 Social Security Disability Applications  are often denied. Social Security Administration denies deserving people. I'm going to slow you some best social security disability lawyer practices so that hopefully you can turn your denial into a win. If you get denied here are the steps to take:

   1. Immediately hire one of the best social security disability lawyers you can find.

    2.  Hire a lawyer that is local so you get to know them as a person and they get to know you. There are some national firms that will take your case and will not even meet you until the day of the hearing. That is incredible to me.I want to know my client, find out all their problems that keep them from working, gather all the critical evidence from your doctors and prepare you thoroughly for the hearing.

     3. You need to talk social security disabilty application winning language. That means you need to be specific about how your doctor diagnosed condition such as , multiple sclerosis, diabetis, epilepsy, depression, affect your day to day work like activity. So you need to tell how long you can stand at one time and how long you can stand in an eight hour day. You need to do these things with walking , sitting and lifting.

     4. You must not exaggerate at all. Some people say when asked, "how much can you lift?" that they can lift nothing . But they brought a 10 pound purse into the room. So you want to be careful how you speak. If your credibility is damaged the judge will surely find against you.

     5. Do not delay. You normally only have 60 days to file your appeal. Get to a lawyer and bring them all your social security papers and any medical records you have.

      6.  Tell your doctor you are applying for social security disability and ask whether he feels its the right thing.Tell him why you are filing.

Your  social security disability lawyer will be asking them for some important information on your restrictions.

      7. Keep your lawyer informed of any new medical care treatment admissions or problems.

  In a recent favorable decision I got for my client from a Jugde he wrote, " Disability is defined as the inability to engage in substantial gainful employment by reason of a medically determinable impairment that can be expected to last for 12 months." So that is what you must prove in order to win you diability claim.

    For a free case evaluation call me at 513-621-2345. I will be happy to speak with you to see if you have a case. This is at no cost and no obligation to you. I will completely explain why I think I can help you get your social security disability benefits. Or I will tell you why your case is one that I can not prosecute.

  Be sure to visit my social security video web page to get more of your questions answered or go to my social security disability lawyer help pracitce center.

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