Workers Compensation Laws

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I represent workers regarding their work related injuries. On the job injuires are often hard for the lay person to understand. There are  benefits that go untapped when an experienced workers compensatio lawyer is not involved. 

Workers' compensation laws provide monetary compensation to pay for medical expenses and to replace lost income as a result of injury or illness that arise out of employment as well as other compensation awards and benefits.

Just because an employer does not contest a claim does not mean that you will obtain all the benefits that you are entitled. If the claim is contested a hearing will be held in front of an Administrative Hearing Officer.

Many employees do not know that there are strict time limits to appeal denials of Workers' Compensation claims. Your rights can be lost if your claim is not filed timely or appealed timely.

Also, it is possible in many cases to make a monetary settlement. For more information see the workers compensation practice center.