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Ouch! An injury at work, in the car, or at your a store has sidelined you for who knows how long. Whether it be a concussion, a broken bone, or worse, the harm to your body can cause severe stress and anxiety. What about the time that you may lose at work over this injury? Why is the insurance company not cooperating when they said they would? How much are my bills at the hospital going to cost me? How could my company or the other driver or my landlord let such an event happen to me? How long will it take to recover and how can I afford it? If any of these questions sound familiar, you are not alone. Hundreds of people are injured in the greater Cincinnati area every year, even in smaller cities like Mason and Lebanon. When people are injured through no fault of their own, it is the responsibility of the negligent party to make sure that they are taken care of. However, there are many cases in which victims should be cared for and instead are denied care or left with a massive bill. When this happens, it is a travesty of justice. However, with the right resources and legal counsel for you, you may be able to triumph over such a tragedy. See below for some links that can assist you:

Government Resources

Warren County BMV-- The Warren County BMV can get you many of the records that you will need if you were involved in a serious car accident. Find your driver's abstract and more here.

The Warren County Court -- Contact the Warren County Court can offer many resources and much information, especially if you have to take an irresponsible party to court.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department-- The Warren County Sheriff's Department is a great chance for people to see records that are important to the case. You can find accident reports or place statements with the police related to your event.

Bikers Down Associatin, Warren County


According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, in 2013 there were 4,454 accidents in Warren County alone, causing 17 deaths and almost 1,600 injuries. And it's not just car accidents that cause these bodily injuries, but events at work. And motorcyclists are being injured in alarming numbers. Beyond faulty equipment and carelessness, job stress can cause injuries. According to a University of Ohio study, job stress is a major factor in developing injuries, including back injuries.

Legal Assistance

When faced with these factors and more, it may seem overwhelming. This is why you need a legal guardian that can make sure that you are taken care of. Local attorney Anthony Castelli has been serving the greater Cincinnati area for years, protecting victims of bodily injuries of all types. Anthony's  career includes many industry and client accolades. His hundreds of settelments both in and out of the court has netted millions for the victims of injury and other abuse. His style of treating his clients as family and aggressively taking on the irresponsible has earned him the trust of many. Let him help you, as well.


Contact Anthony for a free consultation. You can also make an appointment and meet him at his local office or he will come to you. Call him today at 513.621.2345 for a consultation about how to best proceed and how to recover from such an event.