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Cincinnati has well earned its reputation for being a major industrial city. Every day thousands of people commute to work and travel about their ways. Each car, each bus ride, and each day at work provides another small but significant risk of an accident resulting in injury. Some injuries are more severe than others, often resulting in a loss of work or injury. These types of personal injuries occur every day in and around Hamilton County and have large implications. Who will pick up the bills for triage care in the hospital or long term recovery costs? Who will cover the time that you lost at work that is affecting your bottom line? All of these questions and more are difficult to tackle by yourself, especially when you are in the aftermath of such an injury. Making sure that you have proper legal representation can make the largest difference. Use the resources below to make a better informed decision.

Government Resources

Hamilton County BMV-- The Hamilton County BMV is a good resource for gathering information related to your injury, especially if it was in or caused by an automobile. Get driver's abstracts here. Hamilton County Municipal Court -- Contact the Hamilton County Municipal Court for information about when a potential court date may be and other records for your case. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department-- Hamilton County Sheriff's Department offers records and assistance. The preceding link offers a chance to check into details like accident records needed in your case.


According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, severe accidents still play a large role. In Cincinnati in 2013 alone, there were over 10,000 car accidents, with 19 deaths and almost 4,000 injuries. According to one study from the University of Cincinnati, there were almost 80,000 injuries to firefighters nationwide in 2008. Legal Assistance All of these things don't happen in a vacuum. When facing severe or debilitating injury and its effects, having the right person by your side can make all the difference. Having an experienced, steady legal hand to guide you through the often confusing process can be the deciding factor in recovery. This is where Anthony Castelli comes in. Anthony's years of assisting victims has led to hundreds of victorious cases. He has a staff with medical training that couples with his experience in the auto accident and personal injury fields. Anthony has been highlighted by his colleagues as one of Ohio's top attorneys and has earned respect from every side of the courtroom. His professional, knowledgeable conduct offers a chance for victims to feel like they're not alone. He offers a chance to take care of many of the most unsavory portions of the legal and medical battle so that you can focus more on your recovery than court dates or calling the insurance company.


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