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A 29 year old man killed as a result of a defective dump truck.  The facts were that the actuating mechanism for the truck bed was unmarked and unguarded.  When contacted, it cased the bed to drop immediately onto this young man.  The jury verdict was $1,750,000 and went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court. 

A 28 year old motorcyclist was killed when he went across slick defective temporary black tape put down to mask a lane line and lost control of his motorcycle. Through investigation we determined 5 others had fallen on the tape.The Ohio Department of Transportation, the construction contractor, and the tape manufacturer paid $1,200,000 after mediation after over 20 depositions had been taken and thousand of documents were meticulously reviewed and converted into exhibits. This did not make up for the family's loss but it gave thm a sense of justice and that their son's life was just not thrown away to be forgotten without so much as an apology.

A 54 year old truck driver was injured when a worker from another company was loading his truck.  Unfortunately, he knocked into the truck and caused the truck driver to fall, which resulted in a rotator cuff tear requiring two surgeries.  The trucker had a Workers Compensation case and a third party claim against the other company.  The third party claim was settled at mediation for $150,000.  Workers Compensation paid over $100,000 in benefits and was only partially paid back through the negotiation process.  The Workers Compensation case remained open for future medical care and benefits.

A 31 year old motorcyclist had the right of way when the Defendant pulled out from a side street in front of him.  The injury was an un-operated, fractured clavicle.  The Defendant stated the motorcyclist must have been going too fast.  However, her deposition was taken and she admitted to not seeing the motorcyclist until after the collision.  The settlement was $45,000.

A 24 year old motorcyclist was struck from the rear by a car.  The driver was not watching the road properly.   The accident resulted in a broken wrist for the motorcyclist, which required surgery.  The case was settled for the $100,000 policy limits without having to go to trial.

A 40 year old man was injured in a car accident when another driver went left of center, causing a near head on collision.  The client sustained a concussion and mild traumatic brain injury, which later healed.  The driver also sustained a broken arm which required surgery.  The case settled for $250,000, or the total insurance policy limit.  No lawsuit was filed.

A 49 year old woman tripped on a depressed curb walking from a restaurant, causing a fractured ankle that required surgery.  Fault was disputed and contributory negligence was also alleged.  The case settled in mediation for $45,000. 

An elderly man was injured in a rear end car accident.  He had prior back ailments which were aggravated to an extent that the treating physician recommended surgery.  The client declined to have the surgery out of fear of heart problems.  The Defendant only had limits of $12,500.  The injured man had $100,000 of underinsured motorist coverage.  Case settled for policy limits of $100,000.  No lawsuit was necessary.

A 61 year old bicyclist was struck by the mirror of a motor vehicle and knocked to the ground while riding down a country road.  He had a concussion, closed head injury, and an aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease and rotator cuff surgery.  The Defendant alleged that the client had served out in front of him.  A lawsuit was filed and the case settled after the Defendant gave a contradictory deposition.  The settlement was $92,500.

A young lady was involved in an automobile crash and was not at fault.  The case was arbitrated an Allstate Insurance appealed the arbitration award.  The allegation was a ligament tear that led to arthritis and encroachment in the disc space of the neck.  A jury awarded $80,000, even though the person that caused the accident was only covered for $25,000 by Allstate.  Allstate agreed to pay full judgment.

A lady who was injured in a car accident had a torn patella tendon that required surgery.  Allstate made a low offer, and the case proceeded to trial.  The jury verdict was $108,999.47.  The loss of consortium award to her husband was $7,500. 

A young child was seriously burned as a result of an unguarded radiator, in an apartment owned by Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, causing pain and scarring.  The Defendant offered the minimum amount.  The jury verdict for the young child was in the amount of $300,000

We have obtained Social Security awards for hundreds of clients with multiple injuries and multiple disease processes such as mental conditions, back problems, epilepsy, diabetes, sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis, heart conditions and fibromyalgia, and many other conditions and ailments.

Anthony Castelli has represented many claimants for Workers' Compensation including; back injuries, neck injuries, arm injuries, leg injuries, foot injuries, rotator cuff tears, herniated discs in the neck, herniated discs in the back, meniscus tears  in the knee, shoulder injuries and other types of injuries.

The cases for Workers' Compensation and/or Social Security can be described in more detail in a face to face consultation.

This list reflects a small minority of the cases handled over the last 32 years. Over those 32 years we have not won every case.  The very first civil case I ever tried was in Judge Moser’s courtroom in Butler County Ohio.  This was a soft tissue neck injury case.  The jury only awarded $3,500, and I had asked for $30,000.  The wise, old defense attorney brought their doctor in live.  The defense attorney even disputed liability and it was a rear end collision.  At least he did not win outright, but I still felt horrible.  I knew right then that I wanted to be a trial lawyer even more.  The next case I tried in Judge Moser’s courtroom was a few years later, and is the first case on this list awarding $1,750,000.

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