Actions to Take After a Car Accident

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A Helpful Checklist to Avoid Common Auto Crash Mistakes

In the aftermath of a car accident, there are many questions that arise. The many uncertainties can cloud judgement for minutes, hours, and days following a crash. When dealing with the many moving parts in trying to rebuild a life after a severe accident, it is important to take the advice of those that have gone through it before.

There are some common pitfalls that affect crash victims and their families that could be avoided. By acting quickly and rightly, you can make sure that you have the appropriate medical treatment and a means to pay for it. You can also ensure that you will be covered in case of lost work, long term injury, or even disability. The following list compiles the experience of accident victims and legal experts to show you a guide to common aftermaths of vehicle accidents. Keep these in mind as you are grappling with a new reality after a crash.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention. No matter what you're told by other passengers, the other driver, or passersby, make certain that you seek immediate medical care. Often after such a crash there are severe injuries that require immediate attention. Even in lower speed crashes there are often unseen injuries that could develop symptoms later on. Even soft tissue injuries that are not immediately recognizable could cause severe discomfort and further complications. From such a first examination, a baseline can be created to determine the full scale of damage to the body. This will also ensure the quickest possible care and could easily prevent more severe issues.

2. Contact a Skilled Vehicle Accident Attorney. Often people involved in accidents reach out to the attorney that helped settle their house deed or look on the back of a phone book. It is imperative to find an attorney specialized in auto accidents and personal injuries. Choosing an attorney that is not experienced in the field or with a poor track record could completely close out the path to recovering any money to cover the affects of your accident.

3.Take Extensive Notes. Finding every piece of information about the crash is absolutely necessary. Write down every detail that you can remember and research. Write down the time of the crash, the weather conditions, and extraneous circumstances, such as lighting that could have caused the accident to occur. Make sure that you reach out to any witnesses that may have seen the event occur and get their opinions, names, and contact information. Write about the condition of both vehicles and any physical injuries and discomfort that you and your passengers may be suffering. Get the insurance and driving information about the other driver involved. Make sure that you give a detailed statement to the police and get a copy of the police report.

4.Create and Keep a Photo Record.

Simply put: take pictures of everything. Make sure that you take pictures of the affected vehicles, the road surfaces and surroundings, and any other potential factors. Take pictures of any injuries, especially those that cover multiple parts of the body.


5. Make No Agreements Without Your Attorney. It is absolutely imperative to have the correct attorney when facing an accident. Insurance adjustors will attempt to manipulate you into signing statements without full information or accept deals that do not fully cover the expenses involved in the accident. Insurance attorneys or the other drivers' lawyers may attempt to corner you and cause you even more damage. Make sure you always have your attorney present and do not act unless on the advice of counsel.


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