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Cincinnati Attorney Calls For Ohio State Ban On In Car Texting

Recently the city of Cincinnati enacted an ordinance prohibiting in car texting. Here is an article describing the 8-1 vote by cincinnati city council. The Ohio legislature passed a no texting bill in March and the senate of Ohio needs to acton it. Personally these bills need to go farther and ban the use of cell phones while a vehicle is in operation. The logic is the same for both bills. To prevent car accidents from distracted drivers.

Cincinnati Injury Times Newsletter

Your may me interested in the latest Cincinnati Injury Times newletter available to my clients as well as friends here or on facebook or twitter. In fact it does not deal directly with personal injury law. But on occasion there may be an article related to it.

This first edition includes information on:

              How to help your credit score. 

             What is going on with twitter and jurors. 

              A  Indian prayer from a friend's memorial.

             My favorite internet finds.

Cincinnati Accident Attorney Talks Toyota Recalls

 Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney talks about Toyota recalls and Why be Concerned    In case you missed it Toyota has allegations of unintended acceleration against many of its car models. This has led to actual recalls by Toyota.  The first issue is that the gas pedal was getting caught on the floor mat and not returning. However there have been cases reported where the gas pedal was not stuck on the mat but was actually going fully depressed without anyone stepping on the pedal.

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