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West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Fire Kills One In Cincinnati - Could The Right Smoke Detector Made a Difference?

A fire on New Year's Day 2013 in a house on 2824 Digby Avenue in Cincinnati has caused the death of Chad  Kohls and seriously injured Ellen Garner.

Chad  Kohls and Ellen Garner were sleeping on the third floor when the fire started shortly before 7 AM. The fire began on the second floor. The news reports sourced the Cincinnati fire department as saying the cause of the fire was a space heater placed too close to bedding on the second floor. Garner is still in critical condition.

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Alerts U L Sued For Faulty Smoke Detector Standard

As a personal injury lawyer I have represented burn injury victims. The last burn case I had there was an issue of whether there was an adequate smoke detector. What the public does not know is that there are two types of smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionic. The ionic is designed more for flame and the photoelectic will pick up smoke in time for you to depart the premises.

Another Burn Smoke Inhalation Death in Cincinnati

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer  I have become familiar with injury and death from fire and smoke inhalation. I woke this morning to see that a two year old had died in a fire in Westwood, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. It was hard to tell from the news story in the Cincinnati Enquirer just what had happened. The cause and origin of the fire was unknown. More significantly not one word was mentioned about smoke detectors. The name of the landlord was not disclosed.

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