How to Avoid Four Insurance Company Rip-Offs

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How to Avoid Four Insurance Company Rip-Offs

RIP-OFF #1: PRESSING YOU TO TAKE A “FAST” SETTLEMENT. To some degree, some injured victims get offered fast settlements by the insurance company. The reason for fast settlements is insurance companies know they can make even greater profits by NOT paying what’s rightfully due to an injured victim such as paying for permanent impairment of a body part, permanent disability, or paying for future medical expenses or loss of future income as a result of an accident. Before you settle your case, you want to make sure you know the full extent and future effects of your injury.

RIP-OFF #2: BEING TOLD THAT “YOU MAY LOSE YOUR CLAIM OR YOU WON’T GET ANYMORE THAN WHAT THE INSURANCE COMPANY OFFERS.” Some insurance representatives talk injured victims into taking a lesser settlement, because the insurance adjuster says, “they have no objective injuries and may receive little, if any, compensation.” Don’t be afraid to contact a lawyer to see if you have a valid claim.

RIP-OFF #3: BEING ASKED TO “SIGN HERE.” Accident victims can get so confused about what they’re signing that the injured victim signs away his/her rights to a fair settlement. That’s why you must read the “fine” print. You may consult with an attorney before you sign anything.

RIP-OFF #4: WHEN YOUR INSURANCE AGENT ASKS, “DO YOU WANT TO SAVE SOME MONEY?” Ask him/her what kind of uninsured/underinsured limits you will have on your policy. You may be denying your rights to collect for injuries you suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence who has little or no insurance. Make sure you have your auto insurance policy reviewed FIRST by someone who knows how insurance companies work.

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