What Ohio Workers Compensation Claimants Should Know

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In a so-called new approach to claims management, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Commission is urging employers and workers who are back on the job to settle cases instead of letting them hang on. The Bureau has been sending letters to employers and claimants regarding this. However, this is nothing new, but has been little known unless you were knowledgeable about your rights or had a lawyer representing you.

A monetary settlement is only made by agreement of the employer, claimant and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If one of the parties does not agree there can be no settlement. Moreover, the employer or the Bureau is going to try to settle for as little as they can.

The Lawyers at Castelli Law Firm suggest you seek the services of an attorney certified as a specialist in Ohio Workers’ Compensation law to advise and negotiate a settlement. Most attorneys will charge a percentage of the amount they are able to recover for you. This percentage can vary from attorney to attorney. There are ways to add value to the settlement and to get an unwilling employer to agree to a settlement.

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