Ohio Workers Compensation Secret Benefit Your Employer Wont tell You About

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The Ohio workers’ compensation system provides benefits to workers hurt on the job. Everyone knows that payment for medical treatment is available as well as payment while you are healing.

However, many workers do not know about the award called “permanent partial disability”. Neither the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, nor your employer will likely tell you about this award, unless you ask them.  That is why I call this the secret benefit.

If you have a permanent impairment, such as pain, you can file this for award. You must wait a certain time limit before you can file for it. Additionally, you do not have to take the award the Workers’ Compensation Bureau gives you. You can have a doctor of your choosing examine you and give you his opinion of your percentage of impairment to your body as a whole. Plus, this award does not close your claim but extends it.

If there is evidence, the matter goes to a hearing and the Industrial Commission decides what your percentage is.  I have seen doctors differ as much as 15%. This means that if a Bureau doctor give you a 3%, depending on your wages you might get a one time payment of $1,200.00. However, If your doctor give you a 15%, the Industrial Commission might find a 9% or 10% award. This could be as much as $4,400.00. This is quite a big difference.

Most attorneys that handle workers’ compensation of Ohio will only take a fee from your permanent partial award if you are granted one. They can tell you what is a fair award within range and may know doctors who specialize in performing these exams for claimants.
So if you have a workers’ compensation claim, don’t be shortchanged. Contact an attorney who has experience in workers compensation claims.

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