Five Steps to Fair Compensation

West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

STEP #1: Make sure to see a qualified doctor who can properly assess and diagnose your injuries as soon as possible. Follow your doctors’ advice.

STEP #2: Make sure NOT to say or sign anything regarding your injuries or the details of your accident until you have collected your thoughts. You do not have to sign anything or give a statement without first consulting an attorney.

STEP #3: Go to the police station and retrieve the accident report as soon as it’s ready.

STEP #4: Ask a lot of questions. The only way to educate yourself as what to do is ask a lot of questions. Here are six questions to ask an attorney before you retain his or her services:

  1. How many cases have you taken to trial?
  2. How many cases have you won?
  3. How much money have you recovered from insurance companies?
  4. Are you a member of any professional association?
  5. Have you taken any continuing legal education in personal injury law?
  6. Are you willing to advance expenses of litigation?

STEP #5: Once you’re satisfied that you’ve found an honest, competent lawyer to protect your rights, make an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION & AUTO ACCIDENT AUDIT to have all your questions answered.

By following these five steps, you will put yourself in a position to get full and fair compensation.

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