Testimonial 1

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A little over two years ago my daughter was denied her appeal for social security disability.

Not knowing what else to do, I contacted your office and was provided Mr. Tony Castelli's name as a lawyer who had significant experience and success with social security disability claims based on MS.

Thank you for the referral. I contact Mr. Castelli and interviewed with him and my daughter. He took the case. It took 2 years and 2 months from the time he filed in our behalf to finally getting the hearing. During that period, Mr. Castelli diligently researched the case and provided supporting evidence to the social security administration and the court – even making phone calls to determine the cause for delay. I’m happy to report his diligence paid off. Yesterday the Court granted Debbie permanent disability status.

I highly recommend him to you – and thank you for the original referral which directly led to a successful appeal and social security disability for Debbie. Again, my thanks – Mr. Castelli is a fine man and represented us well.

Sincerely, Jerry

P.S. I rarely provide referrals because I'm rarely so impressed with effort/results. You and Toni took on a hard job and done good. Debbie's, Valerie's and my thanks.

Written by: Jerry Review of Social Security Attorney - Anthony Castelli