Eleven Tips For Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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The decision to hire an attorney should not be taken lightly. These tips are intended to give you eleven top reasons to hire a motorcycle accident injury attorney if you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Ohio. Contact Anthony Castelli today for more useful advice and tips.
  1. By hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, especially a lawyer that is a biker, will help the rapport and confidence level you feel about an attorney. Face it, most people want help from someone that they have a common bond with. Someone they feel comfortable talking to.
  3. 2A lawyer that has ridden motorcycles is likely to understand the aspect of how your maneuvered your bike and why even with the best riding you could not have avoided the accident.
  5. A biker attorney is not going to criticize you for not wearing a helmet if the law does not require it. In fact, he can mount defenses for you when the insurance company tries to low ball you because you were not wearing a helmet.
  7. A good lawyer brings with him a multitude of skills and a depth of knowledge. He’s likely dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of personal injury cases and therefore knows what needs to be done. A lawyer has experience in gathering evidence and negotiating with insurance companies. He will advise you on how much you can expect to get for your settlement (you probably have no idea do you?). Knowing what your case is worth is essential to negotiating.
  9. Your motorcycle injury lawyer will do all the legwork involved in gathering evidence for your case (obtaining medical records, doctor’s notes and narratives, police reports, etc.).
  11. Your personal injury lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company. If you don’t know how to play the negotiation game then you’ll get eaten alive by the adjuster (the person working for the insurance company trying to get you to take the lowest settlement possible). The lawyer will have tons of experience negotiating and will not be intimidated by the adjuster. He knows how to handle them.
  13. A good lawyer takes the time to explain the process to you so you will know what to expect
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  15. Never Split the difference
  17. A good motorcycle attorney will advise you on what you should or should not do as your injury unwinds.
  19. Always look far down the road
  21. good biker attorney will advance expenses of litigation so your case can be fully prepared.
  23. A real motorcycle attorney will be willing to file suit and go to trial if necessary so you don’t have to take their low ball offer. The truth is you surely would not want to try your own case. If you try negotiating by yourself, what incentive does the insurance company have to pay you a fair dollar when they know that you pretty much have to take what they offer since you are in no position to try your own case?
  25. By hiring a motorcycle lawyer you have time to take care of your injuries and attend to your daily activities, secure in the fact that you have a motorcycle attorney fighting your battle and leveling the playing field.