You Can Afford to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Many claimants for social security are fighting for their financial survival.  Because they are not able to work, of course they are facing financial hardship.  So often they try to go it alone because they are unaware of how they can afford an experienced social security disability attorney to help them. 

But if you are in this situation, you will be able to afford a social security disability attorney.  That’s because most attorneys will take your case on a contingency fee.  That means that you are not charged a fee unless they are able to win your case and obtain benefits that are owed to you.  Most social security disability attorneys charge 25% of your past due benefits.  So if your back benefit is $8000, the attorney gets $2000.  Plus most attorneys will cap this contingency fee at $6000.  That’s how I charge my social security disability clients. 

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