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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Combats Climate of Hostility To Disabled

As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney as well as a accident injury lawyer I'm fed up with the climate of hostility towards the disabled. How often have I heard that the disability system is abused by fakers that can really work.

I just read a story about Peter Greener that could shed light on why the abled bodied feel this way. He endured hatred from his neighbors and eggs were actually thrown at his house as well as paint. This went along with name calling such as scum and scrounger.

Smoke Detectors Can Prevent Fire Injury

 Whenever I see that a fire injured someone I wonder whether the Smoke detectors were working and could have prevented personal injury. Yesterday I concluded a case in mediation where a young man was seriously burned in an apartment fire. The money he will get will help some , but pales in significance to his injury. There was no dispute that the fire detector did not work. Depending on the facts the landlord may or may not be responsible and liable for tenant injury for the failure of a smoke detector.

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