Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Combats Climate of Hostility To Disabled

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As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney as well as a accident injury lawyer I'm fed up with the climate of hostility towards the disabled. How often have I heard that the disability system is abused by fakers that can really work.

I just read a story about Peter Greener that could shed light on why the abled bodied feel this way. He endured hatred from his neighbors and eggs were actually thrown at his house as well as paint. This went along with name calling such as scum and scrounger.

Like many people with disabilities such as diabetes , epilepsy , back and multiple sclerosis his condition fluctuates. Sometimes he can go out and even drive a bit to the store. Other days he can hardly get  around. His fatigue is overpowering and even his vision can be affected.

So just because a person is functioning fairly well for two-three days out of a week does not mean they can perform gainful employment. This is not to say that certain people try to abuse the system , but bear in mind social security denies deserving people. And they are very good at denying those that can work in some full time capacity even if they can not do their former life's work.

The disabled need help to ensure they are treated fairly. As a Cincinnati injury lawyer and illness lawyer I've created the Cincinnati personal injury law practice center where you can learn about your rights. If you are in a car accident or suffer other personal injury I can help you with your car accident insurance personal injury settlement claim and if you are unable to work for one full year I will help you file your initial application  for social security disability. I am able to help you in several areas that your personal injury may have caused problems in. Call around and you will find  many lawyers do not handle all of this areas. When you have a serious personal injury you need help in more area than just getting a personal injury insurance settlement

The time is now to get the all the benefits you need and deserve . Call Cincinnati injury lawyer  Anthony Castelli attorney today at 621-2345 for a free consultation.