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West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Should Road Side Crosses in Cincinnati Ohio Be Permitted

Should roadside crosses memorializing the place on the highway where someone was killed in memory of their death in Ohio or other states be permitted. Or should these roadside crosses be illegal. You see these crosses on many highways but few if any on I-75, I-74 or I-71 or Interstate 275. These interstates are normally the jurisdiction of the Departments of transportation.

Deaths in Cincinnati Car Accidents Call for Grief Counselors and Traumatic Loss Experts

Two deaths were reported in two separate greater Cincinnati car accidents. A Clermont County man with 5 OVI drunk driving convictions drove off Kellog Avenue killing Tonya Chaney who was ejected from the vehicle. As usual the press reported on the allegation that they were not wearing seatbelts.

I always wonder the effect on the families. A traumatic death, sudden and unexpected, violent, untimely, unnatural and preventable death causes a potentially more traumatizing loss that can increase the risk of later psychological symptoms on those close to the deceased.

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