Deaths in Cincinnati Car Accidents Call for Grief Counselors and Traumatic Loss Experts

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Two deaths were reported in two separate greater Cincinnati car accidents. A Clermont County man with 5 OVI drunk driving convictions drove off Kellog Avenue killing Tonya Chaney who was ejected from the vehicle. As usual the press reported on the allegation that they were not wearing seatbelts.

I always wonder the effect on the families. A traumatic death, sudden and unexpected, violent, untimely, unnatural and preventable death causes a potentially more traumatizing loss that can increase the risk of later psychological symptoms on those close to the deceased.

As a Cincinnati wrongful death attorney I have learned about this thru the use of expert psychologists skilled in traumatic loss involving wrongful death. The expertise comes in two areas: 1. assessing the traumatic loss and 2. treating the loved ones because of psychological illness due to the traumatic wrongful death.

In another recent traumatic car accident death, Lakota student Ezekial Stepaniak was killed when the car he was driving attempted a left hand turn onto Hamilton-Mason Road when his car was struck by a motor vehicle traveling north on 747. Lakota high school was calling in grief counselors to work with the students. This will certainly help. But the family members will never be the same.

It's so sad that car crashes are still common occurences that cause lives to be taken. The families of those killed, wrongfully or not, will always be affected. They live with a pain unimaginable. Expert psychological help can help some. I've had a family member, a mother of a child killed in a vehicle crash describe, "It's as if it took a piece of my soul." and "I hated God for it." So sad.

If you have a young driver think about downloading the Child Parent Safe Car Driving Contract . It can't hurt to give your expectations to your child about driving a car safely.

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