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Don't Let Ohio Drunk Drivers Off Says Cincinnati Injury Attorney

As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I have seen how drunk drivers cause personal injury car accidents and wrongful deaths. Do not let them get off on a technicality. If they are let off its likely that they will drive drunk again and cause a car accident injury or death. A Greater Cincinnati lawyer is asking Judge Rob Lyons to throw out breath-test results based on the fact that test records were changed by the Ohio department of health in their data base.

How To Get Medical Care For Your Car Accident Injury When You Have No Medical Insurance

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had many clients with severe injuries but did not have medical insurance.  In non emergency situations you may not be able to find medical care for your car accident injuries. Doctors and hospitals want to be paid. Without medical insurance you need to know what you can do to get medical care. The first thing to know is not to expect the insurance company for the person that caused your car accident to pay for your medical bills as they go.

Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident News and Commentary

Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident news and commentary is to give you the inside legal look that is not normally reported in the press. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions left unanswered by the original article. If not I welcome you to call me to get educated on the law.

Car Driver going 154 MPH rear ends a disabled vehicle and kills a man.

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