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Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident news and commentary is to give you the inside legal look that is not normally reported in the press. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions left unanswered by the original article. If not I welcome you to call me to get educated on the law.

Car Driver going 154 MPH rear ends a disabled vehicle and kills a man.

Here is a link to a case involving a wrongful death. The man was sentenced to jail for negligently driving and killing anoter human being. But what happened to the family of the deceased. This is called a wrongful death in civil law and the personal representative should make a claim against the insurance proceeds and the personal assets of the negligent driver if there are any. Many time insurance will fight you about the value of a life. They are at times so crass as to suggest there should be no award as it will not bring the deceased back. This is ludicrous, but time and again I had to fight big insurance to help a widow get financially compensated so she could support herself and/or help raise her children.