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West Chester, Mason, and Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Reveals What Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know About your Settlement Until It's Too Late

I often get the qustion. "Do I need a lawyer for my personal injury insurance settlement." My response is, "Do you want to maximize the settlement value that you receive. Do you want to net as much money in your pocket as possible. Would you operate on yourself if you had a broken arm."  The answers to these questions are always the same.

Cincinnati Lawyers Says Your Car Accident Insurance May Not Protect Your Family

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer it never ceases to amaze be how insurance companies offer car insurance with loopholes. What's worse the legislature and the Courts have permitted this. Would you be surprised to know that if you were negligent and hurt a family member your policy probably does not protect you, nor cover your family members injuries. Isn't it the law that you have to drive with insurance.

Anthony Castelli Now Best Selling Author in Amazon Insurance Category

On Thursday the book on insurance I contributed to became a #1 best seller in the Amazon Books insurance category. The book titled Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - What Your insurance Company Doesn't want You to Know and Won't Tell You Until It's too Late was a group effort with 14 other prominent attorneys from across the United States.

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