Cincinnati Lawyers Says Your Car Accident Insurance May Not Protect Your Family

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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer it never ceases to amaze be how insurance companies offer car insurance with loopholes. What's worse the legislature and the Courts have permitted this. Would you be surprised to know that if you were negligent and hurt a family member your policy probably does not protect you, nor cover your family members injuries. Isn't it the law that you have to drive with insurance. Even if the minimum limit in Ohio is a paltry $12500 per person and $25,000 per accident it still should cover everybody you hurt by you neglegent driving but it normally does not. A recent court case Fratillal v Owners insurance brought home this point. A husband caused a car accident and injured his wide as a passenger. The Court declared that the exclusion in the automobile insurance policy was valid. The policy stated that Liability coverage does not apply to you or a family member.  Therefore the wife could not recover for her injuries. You should not always accept no for an answer from the insurance company. Get a good car accident lawyer to review all the facts and especially all the policies of insurance. There may be a way around it. Remember all insurance contracts are not the same. Even though there was a liability exclusion possibly there was not an uninsured exclusion.  Ask your agent when you buy insurance that you want your family covered . Some insurance companies still provide this coverage. Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli Attorney can help. Call today to learn how much your case is worth and how to maximize and get that fair value.  Anthony welcomes your call at 621-2345 for a free no risk case review.

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