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Winning Social Security Disability For Depression Anxiety by Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli

Winning a Social Security Disability Insurance application for depression and anxiety is often difficult without the help of an attorney. The reason for that is the Social Security Administration is looking for some very specific information. They employ their own doctors who are seemingly slanted towards finding little if any work limitations even in cases of severe anxiety and depression.

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Cincinnati Social Security Disability Lawyer Resource Help

This is a Cincinnnati Social security disability lawyer resource help page. If you are so ill or injured that you are unable to work you may be untitled to social security disability benefits. One place you can go to start your application is over the computer at

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I Had my Social Security Disability Benefits Application Denied What Should I Do

If you had your social security disability application denied in Cincinnati Ohio you may what to know what do to do. You know you can not work . You may have a heart problem , epilepsy, diabetes, back injury , head or traumatic brain injury , but what should you do right know. If this was you first denial normally you have 60 days to appeal your social security disabilty application denial. What are you going to do different? There are many things that an experienced social security disability lawyer can do for you. But I emphasize you need to find an experienced lawyer.

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