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Don't be Car Driver That Injures or Kills by Texting Distracted Driving - Watch This Story of Loss

Distracted driving a motor vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Distracted driving can take many forms such as tuning the radio, dialing a cell phone and texting. The statistics on car accidents caused by distracted driving are staggering. Hundreds of thousands are injured each year because of this. Lives and families are destroyed by this carelessness. At 30 mph, if you take your eyes off the road for 2 seconds you would have traveled 90 feet without watching the road in front of you.

Cincinnati Lawyer Says Texting Kills Ban It Now Ohio

As a Cincinnati car accident injury lawyer I know that texting kills. Ohio should enact a law without delay. Currently the house has passed a law and it sits in the Senate. Recently a pragmatic and highly intelligent and concerned State Senator William Seitz has gone on record as to the problems with the bill. Republican Senator Bill Seitz was reported as saying, "It's a feel good law that's not going to accomplish very much,"  Seitz pointed out that we already have a reckless driving statute.

Injured By Texting Driver Get Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious injury because a driver was texting in Cincinnati , West Chester , Mason or anywhere in Southwest Ohio you should consider contacting an experienced Greater Cincinnati car accident lawyer. Although you may think you have an open and shut case think again. Sure the car insurance company may admit responsibility.

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Says Texting in Car Can Kill Legislature Must Act

As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I find it sad that more has not been done to prevent the use of cellphones by car drivers. Recently the Federal transportation Board called for a ban on cell phone use in autos , except in the case of an emergency. This was preceded by recent deadly car crashes. Texting shows a conscious disregard for the high probability of causing a car accident  injury. If texting causes a car accident injury it should demand not only compensatory damages but punitive ones as well.

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