Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Says Texting in Car Can Kill Legislature Must Act

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As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I find it sad that more has not been done to prevent the use of cellphones by car drivers. Recently the Federal transportation Board called for a ban on cell phone use in autos , except in the case of an emergency. This was preceded by recent deadly car crashes. Texting shows a conscious disregard for the high probability of causing a car accident  injury. If texting causes a car accident injury it should demand not only compensatory damages but punitive ones as well. But the answer is prevention and criminalizing this conduct will go a long way toward car accident injury prevention. The Ohio legislature has before it a bill to ban texting. but they do not want to ban cell phone use. Either way it's driver inattention and taking your eyes off the road. If anyone injures you in a car accident and was using a cell phone or texting call me right away at 621-2345 for a free car accident injury consult. Mere use of a cell phone does not equal liability , but if the cell phone use caused inattention which caused the car accident you should have a strong case .