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Cincinnai Red Zack Cozart Hit in Head Passes Concusssion Test SCAT2 - Dusty Baker Blows Another One

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had clients with traumatic brain injury. Some had mild concussions with short lived symptoms while others had permanent problems.  This morning's Cincinnati Enquirer caught my attention. It reported on Cincinnati Red Zack Cozart getting hit in the head with a baseball. John Frey wrote in his story that, "Cozart was given the SCAT2 test at the ballbark.  He passed it and did not get a CT scan. " Cozart's symptoms were ringing in the ears andheadache.

5 Myths About Concussions by Cincinnati Lawyer

There has been more news about concussion in the media. There is more information coming out about how damaging this head injury can be. Here are 5 Myths or Misconceptions about concussions. Educate yourself so you can not only protect yourself if you suffer after a concussion, but also your child, as sports injuries and car accidents are two of the biggest causes of concussions.

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