Whiplash Injury Can Cause Brain Damage Memory and Mood Change

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Whiplash otherwise known as a flexion extension injury can have serious consequences. Bodily injuryvictims, especially in rear end car accidents, may end up with memory difficulties, mood disorder that can be evidence of a brain injury.Often scoffed at because of ignorance an acceleration deceleration injury is nothing to be taken lighly. Many do not even realize that their inability to concentrate, their forgetfulness, and mood change was caused by a car accident. You may not remember how you were momentarily stunned.

Flexion Extension Acceleration Deceleration Defined Head Injury

Acceleration means speeding up. Deceleration is the opposite. It's slowing down. Flexion means bending forward and extension is bending back. In a rear end collision the torso is accelerated forward with the car, but the neck supporting the head moves backward in extension. Then the head bounces forward into flexion. Thus we have the term whiplash which describes the head being whipped back and forth and the neck being stretched.

During this movement the brain encased inside the skull can slap the bony portion of the cranium causing injury to the brain. There does not even have to be a striking of the head on any object. Watch the video below to see what can happen in a rear end collision.

A new study published in the July issue of Brain Injury, Chiari and Whiplash Injury, co-authored by Ezriel demonsrates that whiplash may also cause brain changes resulting in brain injury. 1200 MRI scans were studied and the authors concluded that brain injury occurred in 23% of the cases studied.

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If you have suffered symptoms of dizziness , memory loss , confusion, headaches , arm pain, hand pain , tingling or numbness your injury may be very serious. You may have a closed head injury called a concussion or a TBI traumatic brain injury or you may have a spine injury. DO NOT try to shake it off or ignore it. Get competent medical attention right away. Then to protect your legal rights contact a personal injury attorney