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There has been more news about concussion in the media. There is more information coming out about how damaging this head injury can be. Here are 5 Myths or Misconceptions about concussions. Educate yourself so you can not only protect yourself if you suffer after a concussion, but also your child, as sports injuries and car accidents are two of the biggest causes of concussions.

1. There must me a blow to the head to cause a concusion. It is not necessary to have a direct blow to the head. The brain can still contact the boney skull even if there is no direct blow to the head.

2. A concussion requires a loss of consciousness. This is totally false. Many cases of concussion can occur even without loss of consciousness.

3. If there is no evidence on MRI or CT a srerious brain injury did not occur. This again is false. You can have a serious brain injury even without such evidence

4. After a concusion you should wait 7 days before returning to sports. At a minimum you must wait 7 days until all the symptoms have cleared. And make sure you get a doctor's clearance.

5. The symptoms of a concusion will show up immediatley. Although sometimes theis is true some symptoms may take a period of time to show up.

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