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Personal Injury Case Summary From Hamilton County Court of Appeals

Personal injury claims are often appealed to the Hamilton County Court of Appeals also know as the First District Court of Appeals. There are 12 such court of appeals in the State of Ohio. If the Ohio Supreme Court has not or does not rule on the issue, the decision by the Court of Appeals is binding precedent, at least is you are located in that district. This Court sits in Cincinnati, Ohio and has 5 judges although only 3 generally decide a particular case.

Is Uber A Safe Rideshare - A Cincinnati Attorney's Answer

Is it safe to take a ride in a Uber ride share . This question is complex and touches on many issues. We will attempt to cover the most important ones that impact you, the potential customer of Uber.

1. Are Uber Drivers Safe People and Save Drivers

What Uber buries in the fine print would make your toes curl . The disclaim any liability or responsibility for its drivers. They call them third party providers. The slick advertising says, "Safest rides on the road." and "Drivers are professional and friendly.

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