Bizarre breaking News of Naked Man Causing Car Crashes on I-71 in Cincinnati

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Local Cincinnati news outlets are reporting a naked man drove a flat bed  truck at a high rate of speed on Interstate 71 near I-275 last evening causing multiple auto crashes with mutltiple injuries.

Police have released the name of the man as Tracy Martin. Witnesses, including a Ohio state highway patrol officer, reported that about 7pm last night a flat bed truck traveling at speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour was driving on the berm. It crashed into at least 5 cars and went airborn and landed on top of a jeep.

At least 6 people were seriously injured. Amazingly, Martin was able to exit his vehicle and run down the expressway before police could catch him. Taser and night stick did not seem to faze the man. Apparently some type of drug involvment has been noted. Martin too was taken to an area hospital along with at least 5 others.

Police reported that at least two persons were air carried by trauma helicopter to University Hospital a level one trauma center. They were surprised that no fatal injuries have been reported thus far.

Multiple police agencies responded to the crash site including City of Blue Ash, City of Montgomery, Ohio and the State patrol. Two vehicular aggravated assault charges have been filed against Martin.

Criminal vs Civil Damages Analysis

While the police and Hamilton County prosecutor will deal with Martin criminally, the injury victims are left with figuring out how they will get monetary damages for their personal injuries. It is unlikely that Martin will have significant insurance to cover the bodily harms to those seriously injured. 

Hopefully the  victims had plenty of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This is auto insurance that you purchase that pays you for harms caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver that go uncompensated from the person who caused the accident. Unfortunately, many do not have this coverage or have it in large enough amounts to cover their damages.

The Ohio legislature has watered down the statute in many respects. It used to be a mandatory offering. But now that is not the case. It also was coverage that paid over and above any insurance the tortfeasor had. But now it only pays the difference. In any event it is important to put your own insurance company on notice of the injury and automobile crash and to comply with all the policy requirements.

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