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Is Hulk Hogan Right About Laser Spine Surgery These Cincinnati Doctors Are Against It

Laser spine surgery is touted by some doctor's as the new savior for people with back problems. Hulk Hogan recently brought a lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa Florida for $50,000 million dollars in damages. Is Hulk (Terri Bolea ) crying wolf, or is this procedure just another medical money maker with no real relief.

Cincinnati Injury Attorney On The Dangers of Epidural Steroid Injections

As a injury lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio following the meningitis outbreak I have learned that epidural steroid injections ESI are dangerous and may not even have any lasting benefit.  So that you do not think this is just another bodily harm lawyer spouting off I will offer medical reference.


Intraspinal steroids: history, efficacy, accidentality, and controversy

A review   by Nelson and Landua in the Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry 2001;70:433–443 attempted to answer these 5 questions:

Does Your Cincinnati Personal Injury Claim Involve Your Back - What Should You Do

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the fault of another and your back is your major injury you probably have questions. Not only are you concerned about getting fair compensation, but your primary concern is getting better. Money never makes up for impaired health.

Lumbar Herniated Disk

Car Accident Back Disc Injury Value Part V

Adding Your Damages for Fair Compensation - Summing it Up -2 Big Mistakes After reading parts I -IV of the blog series, What is my car accident disc back injury is worth , you should have a better sense of what goes into the determination of the range of values your insurance settlement should be worth for your injury. Hopefully you realize that if you have a significant injury you should not attempt to settle this on your own.

Car Accident Disc Back Injury Settlement II

Car Accident Disk Back Injury Part 11 This is part 2 in the Car Accident Disc Back Injury Settlement - What is it worth series.

This series is designed to teach you about the factors that go into and how to evaluate and get a fair insurance settlement for your disk back injury caused by the fault of another.

What Ohio Law Allows For Damages.

In order to determine the money compensation you deserve you need to know what Ohio law allows you to be compensated for. In some cases your injury could cause you to have all of these damages.

Car Accident Disc Injury Settlement Worth Part I

You may have suffered a serious disc injury in a car accident and want to know what is a fair settlement worth.
There are many factors that go into this evaluation. For this discussion let us assume that the wrongdoer is 100% at fault. So the question is just was your injury caused by the accident and the nature and extent of it.

Since this issue is significantly complicated I will present this in a 5 part series:

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