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Cincinnati Attorney Reveals You Can Have A Personal Injury and Workers Compensation and Social Security Claim At the Same Time

You could possibly have a personal injury, workers compensation and social security claim all at one time according to Cincinnati attorney Anthony Castelli.  If you do, it is advisable to have one attorney experienced in all of those areas handle your cases. That way everything is coordinated through one lawyer.

5 Reasons To hire a Car Accident workers compensation Social Disability Cincinnati Lawyer

 If you have been hurt on the job by a third party you may be able to bring claims for workers compensation and a claim against the person that hurt you . If you are so ill or injured that you can not work for one year you may have a social security claim. Here are 5 good reasons to find one lawyer that can handle all three claims.

Cincinnati Social Secuirty Disability Attorney 5 Key Tips

 5 Tips that could help you win your Social Security Disability case by a  Cincinnati Social  Security Disability Attorney   1. When you file your application do not give overqualification of your job experience  2. When you fill out your work history report regarding the physical characteristics make sure you put the maximum in terms of what you had to lift carry etc.

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