Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney How to Win your Case

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 As a Cincinnati attorney with a focus on car accidents workers comp and social security disability claims I am often asked what does it take to win a Social security disability case. I can tell you by an example.

Recently I represented a veteran who had a serious back injury. The first 100 pages of the record were gathered by social security . Critical evidence was missing. I set to work tracking down hudreds of pages of Veterans administration and private medical provider records . Key evidence of inability to stand or sit for extended periods as well as objective medical evidence of a medical condition reasonably expected to cause pain was added to the record by me.

So don't expect Social security to get the critical evidence necessary. In fact they do not add much if any evidence once your case goes to the judge. Expect the social security disability lawyer you hire to get the critical evidence that is avaialable.

You must do your part by getting to the doctor so the evuidence can be generated . Here is a directory of Nationwide social security lawyers. Be sure to hire one that is local to your area. There are large national firms that you can hire but you may not even meet the attorney until the hearing. To me that's a poor way to help yourself win.

I welcome your call and only charge a fee if I win you back benefits. Call 1-800-447-6549 I'm happy to personally speak with you.