5 Reasons To hire a Car Accident workers compensation Social Disability Cincinnati Lawyer

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 If you have been hurt on the job by a third party you may be able to bring claims for workers compensation and a claim against the person that hurt you . If you are so ill or injured that you can not work for one year you may have a social security claim. Here are 5 good reasons to find one lawyer that can handle all three claims.

 1. A  separate car accident lawyer, a workers compensation lawyer and a disability attorney all have experience in a compartmentalized area of the law. Hiring an attorney that handles all of these case will help you coordinatebenefits.

2. One attorney knows all the information evidence being created in each case and can manage the eveidence more  effectively so it does not impact negatively on the other cases. They can use positive evidenc in one case to help the other cases.

3. All of these area of law have interrelated pitfalls. An attorney experienced in these area can avoid these pitfalls. For instance workers compensation is going to want their money back from your car accident case. your attorney must know the formula and how to negotiate with the bureau of workers compensation.

4. You only have to deal with one attorney to answer your question and work with you on all three cases saving you time  

5. By coordinating all of the benefits one attorney should be able to maximize all the benefits you are entitled to from your injury accident  accident, your workers compensation case and your social security disability claim.

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