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Ohio Insurance Settlement Awards Calculator $1.9 Million

Many injury victims want to know if their is an insurance settlement calculator. I recently wrote a blog about this and had many factors in the calculation of a settlement for personal injury . But the one and only true calculator is the civil jury. Recently the Cincinnati Enquirer reported on a Warren County jury that awarded a patrolman $1.9 million dollars.

Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Calculator - Cincinnati Attorney Offers Free Claim Review

My Ohio Personal Injury Settlement Calculator gives you information on what your case may be worth in Ohio . 

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the fault of another, such as in a car accident, you need to know what your claim is worth. You need to have an insurance settlement calculator for some idea of what your personal injury claim is worth.  I offer a free settlement value review.

Cincinnati Lawyer says No Such Thing As a Settlement Injury Formula

There is no such thing as a settlement injury formula. Many lay people think there is a settlement injury formula for their personal injury claim. This is fostered by so called self help books that tell you not to hire an attorney. I recently downloaded one of those "Settle my own Car Accident Case Books" and it gave a formula of 2,3,4 times your medical bills plus your lost wages.

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