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My Ohio Personal Injury Settlement Calculator gives you information on what your case may be worth in Ohio . 

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the fault of another, such as in a car accident, you need to know what your claim is worth. You need to have an insurance settlement calculator for some idea of what your personal injury claim is worth.  I offer a free settlement value review.

What follows are answers to questions that address how to calculate the damages for your Ohio personal injury claim.  Each state has their damages recoverable as money compensation for your personal injury. Is is important to know that there are many things that can add value or value from your claim. Moreover, it is often difficult to determine a value range of a settlement until all the evidence is in. So be cautioned that if you try to handle a serious case yourself, you may end up making bad mistakes that could devalue your case.

Studies have shown that in more serious cases the actual settlement value may be two to three times that amount in represented cases than unrepresented injury victims get. Here are the items to use in the evaluation. This is not an exhaustive list but are some of the significant factors that drive the value of settlement. 

It may be that the information you send me will require a follow up with you for further information to evaluate your claim. This could be by phone or in person. In some cases it may be necessary to review documentation of your injury. All aspects of the consultation will be at no cost and no obligation. If you prefer you can immediately schedule an in person free no obligation consultation. If you want an email of the initial settlement calculation you should email the answers to the questions asked below to [email protected] or go to the home page of this web site and enter your answers.

1. If your injury was a car accident what was the estimate of damage to your vehicle and any other vehicle involved? ________

2. Were you taken from the scene of the accident by life squad? _______

3. Was the other party totally at fault for the accident? ________

4. If not, how much did your fault contribute to the accident? What % do you think you were at fault?________

5. What was the nature if your injury? For example give the body part injured and the diagnosis your doctor gave you?__________, _______________________

6. How soon after the accident did you seek medical attention? ______________________

7. What kind of doctors have you seen such as an orthopedic specialist, your family doctor, a neurologist or neurosurgeon, chiropractor, psychologist, pain management doctor etc.? _________________ ________________________

8. Were you hospitalized for your injury, and for how many days, and the reason for the hospitalization? _______, ________________, ________

9. Did you have physical therapy and if so how many weeks? _____________________________ 

10 . Did you lose time from work? Put the amount of wages you lost . If you had to use sick time count that time as lost wages. ________________

11. What is the current amount of your medical bills? _________________

12. What was the date of your accident, and in what county in Ohio did it occur?__________ _________________

13. Are you finished treating for your injury? ______________

13. (a) If you finished treating state the last time you saw your doctor. _____________

(b) How many total doctors visits did you have? __________________

(c) Are you totally recovered? _______________

(d) If you are not totally recovered state your current problems, and if you have been told they are permanent or how long they are likely to last? __________________,_________________

14. What are your total medical expenses to date?________________

15. If you are still treating for your injury what treatment do you expect to receive in the future?___________________

15. What kind of doctor is currently treating you? ________________

16. Has your doctor provided you with a report about your injury? ____________

17. Have any of your doctors told you your injury was caused by the accident in question? ____________

18. Have you gone back to work at the same job? ____________

19. If you have not gone back to work at the same job have you gone back to work at another job? ______________

19. (a) If you went back to work at another job was it because of your injury? Was there a decrease in pay state the amount per week? ______________________

20. Has any doctor told you you will never be able to work again? ______________

21. What do you anticipate your future lost wages to be? _________________

22. What is your date of birth? _________________

23. Are any of these injuries you claim are caused by the accident ever been present before the accident? ___________________

24. Describe the nature and extent of your pain and how long it lasted. _____________

25. How were your activities impacted by your injuries? ____________________

26. State your name and phone number. ____________________, ______________

All information you provide will be held in strict confidence. By submitting this information you are requesting Anthony Castelli to provide a free estimate of your claim value and to contact you by phone or email. You expressly agree that an attorney client relationship is not established by providing this information and no representations are made that you will obtain a settlement in this range.

In fact you expressly understand that this evaluation is not a substitute for me doing a total review of all documents, records, statements, communicating with your doctors or reviewing other evidence that may be deemed appropriate given your individual case, and negotiating this claim on your behalf. It is preferable to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to gather the necessary evidence, prepare your case for evaluation and settlement. I am only hired when a written fee agreement is signed between you and me. I invite you to call me at 1-513-621-2345.

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