How Much is My Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Worth

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Personal injury pain and suffering calculator even by the best personal injury lawyer is both science and art. By science I mean the experience of a  good personal injury lawyer that has many settlements to their credit, has researched many settlements, and gone to trial on many cases.

But no matter how similar your case may be to ones that I have resolved there is always a difference. You make all the difference in the world. There are many factors about you, and how you have dealt with your injury  that can increase or decrease the value of your settlement

The second wild card is the jury . Every jury is different. Some may be more disposed to awarding more money others less. Most cases do not go to a jury. But the ultimate personal injury pain and suffering settlement calculator is the potential jury. Each side needs to ask what would a jury award in this type of case.

An  experienced personal injury  trial lawyer should be able to guide you on a low end and high end range. The real question is how much money is going to go into your pocket at the end of the day after your bills, case expenses, and attorney fees have been paid. Given the amount of money your trial may cost,  in many cases I work up the case and push it close to trial. But then advise settlement because I strongly believe I can put more money in your pocket that way, given the expenses of a full blown trial.

Some clients make one of two mistakes in thinking about the value of their case. Watch this video to learn what the two biggest mistakes on personal injury accident settlement worth.

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